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Some things change, but the most beautiful remains



Der "Wochenendverlängerer" | 1 Nacht So bis Mo

Jeden Sonntag ist unser SPREEWALDRESORT exklusiv für unsere "Wochenend-Verlängerer" reserviert. Wählen Sie Ihren Wunschsonntag, der verlängert werden soll und sparen Sie 20%! Fahren Sie spontan raus in den Spreewald. Nur 30 Minuten von Randberlin - für Ihr Entspannungsbarometer eine ganze Weltreise - versprochen! Inklusive reichhaltigem Frühstücksbuffet. Mit Promocode 20% auf Ihre Nacht von So auf Mo sparen.
the uniqueness of being


We look forward to welcoming you to our new - "old" SPREEWALDRESORT Seinerzeit in the charming Schlepzig, where the Spree river meanders through the small village and the pure nature, as if they wanted to be rediscovered again and again.

With a lot of love for detail and a close connection to the region, a place of rest and relaxation in the middle of the beautiful Unterspreewald was created. The romance of the house, the Spreewald meadows with the barge and the dreamy willow dome, where lovers keep saying yes for all time, make this place shine something special.

Sleep well!

Rooms, Suites & Maisonettes

Spend the night in the SPREEWALDRESORT Seinerzeit and enjoy brand new rooms and suites in a modern country house style surrounded by 22,000 sqm Spreewald landscape with its own boat ferry port.

cozy, rustic, regional

Spreewald delights

In our restaurant Feine Küche zum GRÜENEN STRAND DER SPREE we offer you excellent Spreewald cuisine in a cultivated atmosphere and rural ambience.

Dignified cosiness combined with everything a beer drinker's heart desiresm, can be found in the brewery of the Spreewälder Privatbrauerei 1788.

Stop by the Absack-Bar, enjoy one or the other good drink and indulge yourself in what the new day may bring.

A special place for special moments

Willow dome at the punt port

Probably the largest and most beautiful naturally grown building in the Unterspreewald stands directly at our cozy punt port. Experience an atmosphere that is made for your event. Weddings, big birthdays but also open-air conferences have given our willow dome a special atmosphere in recent years.

Promote creativity, strengthen cohesion

Meetings and celebrations

We have hosted numerous conferences for many years - the proximity to nature makes these events appear in a very special light. Our 4 conference rooms for 6 to 72 people can be flexibly furnished and equipped with modern conference technology. On request, you will receive everything that is necessary and suitable for professional, individual planning of your conference.

hand-brewed & fresh from the Spreewald

Spreewälder Privatbrauerei 1788

The history of our Spreewälder Privatbrauerei 1788 goes back a long way. And even today we brew out of conviction according to handed down tradition and custom and of course according to the purity law of 1518. The inclined beer connoisseur quickly realizes why our craft products differ from traditionally produced beers. We continue to dispense with the costly pasteurization of the beer and are therefore clearly committed to the original fresh beer, which needs to be drunk quickly.