The chronicle of the SPREEWALDRESORT "Seinerzeit" and the restaurant "Feine Küche - Zum grünen Strand der Spree“

The charming village of Schlepzig is located in the heart of the lower Spreewald in the middle of the UNESCO biosphere reserve.

During the Wendish time, the place of settlement was the castle of the prince of Wends, named Wussilo. He still lives on as a legendary figure.

Because of the Christianization of Lusatia, Schlepzig was first documented in 1004. The second documentation was in 1374, when a smithy was located on the grounds of what would become "Seinerzeit". At that time people smelted bog iron ore. In 1492 the hammer was changed into a mill, which burned down in 1769. The mill was rebuilt in 1771. It now belongs to our neighbor at the other side of the riverbank. The restaurant building was built in 1788 on the slag of the hammer mill. It is now our hotel with a license to distill alcohol, to brew beer and to serve drinks.

The hotel was leaded by the same family for more than 200 years. Just before the German reunification, the hotel was sold to a company in the neigboor village Krausnick and switched into public ownership.

In October 1991 a family named Römer took the house over. From January 1992 to January 1993, this family modernized the main building, completed the back part of the stable and changed it into rooms and suites. The former residential house was not anymore irremediable and had to be demolished. At the same place, the conference building was built with the same external dimensions as the building for the meetings. The old barn was left untouched.

On the 1st of january 1993 the Landgasthof „Zum grünen Strand der Spree“ opened its doors.

There were build 17 rooms and 3 suites, 120 seats in the restaurant, 70 seats in the beer garden and 2 conference rooms for 15 persons. Furthermore there were some Spreewald boats and cattle farming on the field at the back of the hotel.

In 1998 they stayed with the old tradition. A little brewery was built in place of a barn and 4 rooms and 2 suites were built. The brewery has a capacity of a 15hl brew, where delicious home brewed beers are still produced. In addition to the brewery, they added another dining area with 200 seats for guests, where you can enjoy the home brewed beer and some hearty meals while watching the brew-master brew.

In 2001 a new floor was built on to the conference building, which added space for another conference room. That´s why we can accomidate 3 congresses with two rooms seating up to 15 people and one room up to 40 people.

Today, instead of cows on the field, you can find haystacks and wonderful fruit trees. Adding to the regional charm, there are two entrepreneurs with Paddleboats and Canoes.

In March 2004 a dome made of willow trees was constructed in the middle of the field. It provides another 100 seats for events and weddings in natural surroundings. A beach offers further outdoor dining opportunities. The bridges were opened in 2006 and 2007 and a tree house were built in autumn and a thatched-roof house was set in water as a stilt house – „the Pfahlhaus“- in 2009.


In july 2012, we - the SATAMA GmbH – purchased the lovely Landgasthof „Zum grünen Strand der Spree“ and the „Spreewälder Privatbrauerei 1788“ (private brewery). Since 2002 we have been running the most beautiful sauna park in Berlin and Brandenburg called the SATAMA Sauna Resort & SPA at Scharmützelsee in Wendisch Rietz. We are looking forward to welcome and pamper our guests here in "Seinerzeit". We continue to develop our Landgasthaus without changing the special flair of it.

Because of we love sauna, we have already built 3 SPA-suites where you can take your time to relax and use the private sauna just for you. Also, a deluxe-suite with an integrated open bathroom was built and all rooms and maisonettes of the brewery and of the stable were redesigned and renovated. The hall of our restaurant at the Landgasthof appears in new splendor and you can still find an old radiating fireplace in the large dining room. In the brew house the ambience is enhanced by an open fireplace from 1788 – the same year we received the license to serve beer.

For the next wintertime 2015/2016, we are planning extensive constructions, which will be integrated in the existing ambience to make our guests feel even more comfortable during their stay at our hotel. In the course of this construction we will build up the main building and renovate all existing rooms. We will create a new beautiful reception and a bar for cozy evenings which will be located in a romantic conservatory, connecting the Landgasthof and the brewery. There will be also a patisserie. There will be a new modern conference room; and the two existing kitchens are going to be combined as one. In spring 2017 we are going to modernize our show brewery and optimize the brewing process. A further innovation will be a rustic tower where the hops and malt will be stored.

We hope that you will enjoy the future developments of this wonderful Landgasthof together with us. We are looking forward to welcome you!


Sincerely Susanne Du Chesne & René Kowatsch


Friday 6. March 2020
Erleben Sie in urig gemütlicher Atmosphäre unseres Brauhauses interessante Unterhaltungsmusik mit unterschiedlichen Künstlern. Unser Küchen-Team im Brauhaus serviert Ihnen gern á la carte regionale Gerichte für den Spreewaldkenner. Wir wünschen gute Unterhaltung!

Beginn: 19 Uhr | Eintritt frei

Frauentag im Seinerzeit

Sunday 8. March 2020
Diese Prosecco-Kahnfahrt ist speziell für Mädels! Eingekuschelt in weiche Decken und mit einem Gläschen Prosecco in der Hand geht es auf dem Kahn durch den verträumten more
19,50 Euro


Friday 3. April 2020
Erleben Sie in urig gemütlicher Atmosphäre unseres Brauhauses interessante Unterhaltungsmusik mit unterschiedlichen Künstlern. Unser Küchen-Team im Brauhaus serviert more

The chronicle of the SPREEWALDRESORT "Seinerzeit" and the restaurant "Feine Küche - Zum gr&u... [more]


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