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Brauhaus LIVE mit Pete Gavin am 31. März ab 20 Uhr ++ Eröffnung der Kahnfährsaison am 8. April ++ Brauerei-Fest am 23. April ++

The most beautiful stays

The Landgasthof "Zum grünen Strand der Spree" becomes SPREEWALDRESORT "Seinerzeit"
For our lovely Landgasthof "Zum grünen Strand der Spree" a lot changes 2016 not only the name.
For sure the romance and the fields in Spreewald with the canoe captains stay, as well the Weidendom where lovers can tie the knot.
Our restaurant "Feine Küche", "Zum grünen Strand der Spree" and the terrace with view to the Spree & the haystack invite with luxury kitchen and the brewhouse with handmade beer.

But there will be some news to explore. In this way 26 new rooms and SPA-suites, a secluded bar for comfortable evening hours were built. The conference area and the show brewery will be enlarged and a new reception welcomes the guests in Spreewald. A lot will change, but the most beautiful stay-like it was "Seinerzeit" in Schlepzig where the Spree flow goes through our small village and the nature.