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Brauhaus LIVE mit Pete Gavin am 31. März ab 20 Uhr ++ Eröffnung der Kahnfährsaison am 8. April ++ Brauerei-Fest am 23. April ++

Spreewald Private Brewery 1788 – Hand-brewed and Spreewald fresh

The Brewhouse

Sedate comfort and a connection with all a beer drinking heart can desire is found in our brewhouse of the Spreewald Private Brewery 1788. There is Spreewald black pudding, Schlepzig cream cheese, and brewhouse schnitzel, 364 days of the year.


While dining, you have a direct view into the brewery. There we brew Spreewald Pils, Spreewald Dark, Zwickel, and Wheat Beer of course without preservatives - that is perfection in beer enjoyment.


If you would like, the brewer will guide you through his realm and serve you the freshest beer.


In autumn, we invite you to the “Oktoberfest”, in winter, we invite you to Jazz Nights, and many other nights where we serve the perfect beer for the occasion.

If you would like to have your own beer, we brew it for you.

In our brewery we offer regional food with international elements and products from own manufacturing.

Our products come from:

vegetable farm Baronick in Burg

cheese dairy Jarick in Kachrow

goat farm "Zwölf Eichen" in Gulben

hunting areas

fishermen Hönow from Neu Lübbenau

cucumbers from Spreewald in Lübbenau

farmers from the surrounding countryside with vegetables, herbs and fruits

agricultural cooperative "Unterspreewald" in Dürrenhof

agricultural cooperative "Spreetal"

private brewery in Schlepzig

private liquor manufacturing

own products from the Landgasthof

The chronicle of the SPREEWALDRESORT "Seinerzeit" and the restaurant "Feine Küche - Zum gr&u... [more]


Ein Saunapark inmitten von alten, verträumten Bäumen, gelegen am sonnigen Südhorn ...

Führungen & Verkostungen

Preis pro Person 5,50 Euro
 zusätzlich Bierverkostung im Brauhaus (+3,30 Euro)
 zusätzlich Schmalzbrot & Gurken (+3,20 Euro